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Department of Graphic Documentation

Department of Graphic Documentation - ilustračný obrázok

Dolny Smokovec, detail graphic documentation, detail The
Department of Graphic Documentation as part of the Restoration Division started
in 1982.
The department particularly executes the technical, graphic and documentation works for other branches of the Institute, as well as for other subjects:

Planar, as well as three-dimensional geodetic surveying of objects and sets of historical monuments protected by the law;
(sacred as well as secular architecture – churches, palaces, dwelling houses, objects of collections, reliefs, artistic architecture, altars, graffitos, mural paintings,…)

Graphic documentation of elements of exteriors and interiors of objects and sets of historical monuments protected by the law;
Graphic documentation of surveys and researches in the fields of architcture, restoration and art history. (surveys of findings and their visualization, monitoring and analyses of deformations and movements, graphic documentation of chemical- technological and petrologic findings and surveys…),

Graphic documentation of archaeological surveys.

Research and documentation of medieval wall-paintings in Slovakia and Hungary and project for their saving is realized in cooperation with Orszagos Muemlekvedelmi Hivatal Budapest Hungary. One of main aims of these works is preparation of common proposal for registration of whole unique collection of medieval wall-paintings in the List of The World Curtural and Natural Heritage of the UNESCO.

In 2005, in cooperation with the Chemical and Technological Department succeeded in obtaining new instrumentation for their department and for the Department of Graphic Documentation from Cultural Grant Assistance granted by the Japanese government. The Department of Graphic Documentation received a Pulse Laser Station System Nikon, Nikon digital and film cameras which increased the technical and informative value of graphical documentation works.

Since 2012, the Department of Graphic Documentation forms a part of the Division of Digitization and Graphic Documentation as a specialized digitizing section within the Operational Programme Information Society (OPIS), Priority axis 2, Development and Renewal of the National Infrastructure of Repository Institutions.

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Central address:

Pamiatkový úrad Slovenskej republiky (The Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic)
Oddelenie grafickej dokumentácie (Department of Graphic Documentation)
Cesta na Červený most 6
814 06 Bratislava
Slovak republic