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CARARE -Connecting ARchaeology and ARchitecturein Europeana
Grant Agreement No 250445
CARARE is a Best Practice Network, funded under the European Commission’s ICT Policy Support Programme, which started on 1February 2010 and will run for three years. It is designed to involve andsupport Europe’s network of heritage agencies and organisations, archaeologicalmuseums and research institutions and specialist digital archives in:
  • making the digital content for the archaeology and architectural heritage that they hold available through Europeana,
  • aggregating content and delivering services,
  • and enabling access to 3D and Virtual Reality content through Europeana.
CARARE isco-ordinated by Kulturarvsstyrelsen with MDRPartners.


The activities of the CARARE network
  • Preparing and enabling the network for content harvesting and aggregation. This work package will establish the technical approach for the project including looking at the metadata, terminology resources and IPR for the content to be harvested; a programme of work on SKOS, controlled vocabularies and place name gazetteers; and completing mappings between Europeana’s schemas and the CIDOC CRM. It will make recommendations on issues specific to CARARE‟s domain.
  • Testing and prototyping tools and services in the Europeana development environment to enable the aggregation of digital content from the archaeology/architectural heritage domain to Europeana. This work package will test the harvesting of content from each provider and commence aggregation services and metadata mapping tools for content providers to use.
  • Harvesting and aggregating will establish the live service for the CARARE network and start the process of harvesting content and making it available to Europeana. In this workpackage content providers will prepare their metadata and content ready for presentation in Europeana and implement harvesting systems supported by the CARARE community. Training and guidance will be available through the network
  • 3D and virtual reality will establish the methodology for Europeana to provide a point of access to 3D/VR and for 3D content. The workflow will be established and documented through case studies and training materials.
  • Dissemination activities will be carried out throughout the project to present the work of the CARARE network and Europeana at conferences, workshops and other events.
  • Sustainability – this workpackage will investigage sustainable business models for the continued provision of services and the framework for extension of the network to include new partners.